The activities in this area are as follows:

  1. Single electron transistors and memories for future ICs
  2. Silicon integrated optoelectronics.


Research in nanotechnology and nanodevices started at IMEL in the early nineties with the ESPRIT project EOLIS (Emission of Light in Silicon). Worldwide original results were developed within that project and the Institute was recognised as one of the European leaders in the field. Other European projects were then funded, with the participation of IMEL as a potential partner. The running projects concern both single electron transistors and memories and integrated optoelectronics.

Running Projects

  • ESPRIT FASEM 23214
  • ESPRIT MEL-ARI, project “BONTEC”


The activities on nanotechnolgy and nanodevices use all the processing equipment available at IMEL, all characterization equipment for electrical measurements at room and low temperatures down to liquid He and the packaging equipment.

Extra equipment  for the special needs of this activitiy, includes :

  • A system for photoluminescence and electroluminescence measurements at room and low temperatures, including :

- A 2-Watt Argon laser

- A Jobin Yvon spectrometer equiped with two detectors (a silicon and an InGaAs detector) covering all  wavelength range from 200 nm to 1600 nm.

- A liquid He cryostat with optical windows for photo- and electroluminescence measurements at low temperatures.

  • An Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) for atomic resolution imaging.




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