MNBS 2012, 6th Concertation and Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems


Report on the 6th Concertation & Consultation MNBS 2012 workshop




MNBS 2012: The 6th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop of EC funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems

Despite its eminent position as one of the world’s leading forces in research, Europe has yet to become equally successful in exploiting its multi-faceted and in-depth scientific knowledge to boost the market, create new job opportunities and add to the economical growth of the continent in measurable and tangible ways. This issue is strongly considered by the European Commission in the preparation of Horizon 2020, the successor of the 7th FrameWork Programme in order to strengthen the full value chain from knowledge to innovation.

In line with the Commission priorities, the 5th Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio-Convergence Systems (MNBS 2011) focused on indentifying the constraints that have so far hindered the technological breakthroughs of the European scientists to be implemented to the market. Such an implementation should aim at creating new or strengthening already-existing industrial sectors and consequently creating a significant number of jobs. The accomplishment of such an implementation relies on very important and basic pre-requisite: the synchronisation of a large number of key players in a very complex supply chain with both strong interdependencies but also sometimes diverging goals.

Technology providers, industries of varying size working in very different domains, such as nano-material providers, biotechnology firms, Microelectronics and Microsystems companies, telecommunication operators, integrators (Medical devices, in-vitro diagnostic and instrumentation companies) and users (hospitals, food and beverage industries and environmental institutions) need to share common visions, set specific targets and develop new synergies and new strategies in order to reinvent the face and competitiveness of the European industry.

Towards that goal, the 6th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop of EC funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems will focus on understanding the supply chain of different type of applications and the needs of the owner of each element of that supply chain from the point of view of research, technological development and innovation. The knowledge gained in this analysis will help to better design action in the future Horizon 2020.



The audience during a question interval between presentations

Dr Andreas Lymberis welcome speech on behalf of the European Commission.




Dr. Geraldine Andrieux from Yole Finance (France) presenting the COWIN (Converging resources to support the value creation in Europe of Microsystems and Smart Miniaturized Systems research projects) project.






Specific Objective of the 6th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop of EC funded projects on Micro-Nano-Bio Systems in MNBS

  • To encourage the diffusion and exchange of information on the development of science and technology.
  • To identify synergies and possible collaborations to tackle critical issues covering the full value chain from R&D to exploitation.
  • To reach common understanding the steps in the supply chain for different type of applications, and the needs and problems in the area of research and innovation of the stake holders of the elements of the supply chain.

The MNBS workshop will regroup FP7 running projects but also terminated FP7 & FP6 projects and invited presentations on relevant topics from external stakeholders.


The audience during a question interval between presentations

Some words about MNBS

Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems is a major domain within the field of Microsystems & Smart Systems Integration, which is being supported by the European Commission under the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) priority. The EU-funded projects in this domain focus on advanced systems by developing and integrating converging micro-nano-bio and information & communication technologies. The MNBS cluster includes projects for "in-vitro" testing and for "in-vivo" interaction with the human body as well as analytical systems for environment and food applications.

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