NanoWireMemory aims at integrating the emerging device concepts of 3-D Si Nanowire (NW) and Junctionless (JL) Field-Effect-Transistors (FETs) with advanced charge-trapping technology for the development of memory cells beyond the 22nm node. In tackling challenges associated to front-runner multifold scientific and technological activities, we expect not only to generate new knowledge in materials and devices with potential for a substantial impact in nanoelectronics but also to stimulate research activities at the institute and national levels for emerging applications like biochemical sensors and nanoelectromechanical sensors.


Project co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund) and Greek national funds under the action “ARISTEIA II” of the operational program "Education and Lifelong Learning“


Starting Date:   21 March 2014

Ending Date:     31 Jul 2015

Total Funding:  300.000 Euro


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