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Scope and Topics

CVD-XVI /EUROCVD-14 continues the tradition of CVD Symposia sponsored by the Electrochemical Society (beginning in 1970) and European CVD conferences begun in Paris (1977). The last joint meeting was held in Paris (1977); EUROCVD - 13 was held in Athens, Greece (2001) and CVD-XV was held in Toronto (2000). These conferences offer a comprehensive review of the most recent research on chemical vapor deposition and related topics.

CVD is one of the most versatile processes for manufacturing thin films and is currently used to manufacture products ranging from semiconductor devices to low-emissivity coatings on glass to micromachines. This conference will provide an opportunity to present and review new research on both fundamental and applied topics, to exchange ideas, and promote international cooperation.

Papers describing the use of CVD to deposit novel materials (such as nanoscale- and biomaterials, polymers, transparent conducting oxides (TCO), electrochromics and micromachines) are particularly encouraged, as are papers discussing the application of new theoretical methods for modeling materials (such as density functional theory (DFT) and all-electron methods.


The conference is intended to focus on the following general topics

1. Fundamental deposition chemistry (gas-phase,surface,thermodynamics)
2. Modeling and simulation (growth,fluid dynamics,etc.)
3.Materials modeling (density functional theory, quantum chemistry)
4. Process control and diagnostics
5. Materials types (ceramics, composites, dielectrics, ferroelectrics, silicon,compound semiconductors, optical coatings, magnetic materials, superconductors.
6. Novel materials/applications (such as particles, biomaterials, polymers, transparent conducting oxides, electrochromics, MEMS
7. Nanostructured Materials
8. MOCVD (process development and precursor design)
9. Assisted methods (including plasma, laser, photon techniques)
10. New processing tools and equipment.


To Submit a Paper

Papers accepted for presentation will be published in a bound proceeding volume available at the meeting. For this reason, the following deadlines must be strictly met:

September 13, 2002 Submission of titles and short abstracts
September 27, 2002 Notification of abstract acceptance;instructions for manuscript preparation mailed
November 15, 2002


Full abstracts due at ECS (required for paper acceptance!); use electronic form at
Full manuscripts also due (instructions to follow short abstract submission) Nov 15, 2002
December 15, 2002 Notification of acceptance of full manuscripts


Abstracts Submission

By September 13, 2002, send 100-word abstracts and full author names, adresses, telephone and fax numbers and email adresses to:

Francis Teyssandier
Institute of Materials Science and Process Engineering
Rambla de la Thermodynamique
F-66100 Perpignan Cedex
Or by fax to: 33-4-68-55-68-69

Upon receipt of the abstract, detailed instructions for preparing manuscripts will be mailed to autors. The second announcement will only be sent to the authors who have completed the attached preliminary form. Please note: the official language of the conference is English.


Meeting Information

The Symposium will be held in the excellent facilities of the Palais de Congres in Paris, France, the same venue as the last joint meeting in 1997 and the late-spring date is an idead time to visit this outstanding city. CVD-XVI/EUROCVD-14 will include all the special features of previous EUROCVD meetings that enable participants to get to know each other in informal, relaxed settings. A special registration package will be available to all attendees, which will include meeting registration, conference proceedings, a banquetm luncheons, and a social event tour. Details of this package as well as registration/information can be obtained by contacting the Electrochemical Society:

The Electrochemical Society
Phone: (609)737-1902 Fax: (609)737-2743 Web:


International Organizing Committee

Mark Allendorf (Sandia, USA);
Roland Fischer (Bochum, Germany);
Francis Maury(CNRS, Toulouse);
Meyya Meyyappan (NASA-Ames, USA);
Mark Swihart( (SUNY-Buffalo, USA);
Francis Teyssandier (CNRS, Perpignan);


EUROCVD International Advisory Board

S.E. Alexandrov (Russia)
M.D. Allendorf (USA)
G.A. Battiston (Italy)
C. Bernard (France)
J.O. Carlsson (Sweden)
C. Cobianu (Romania)
D. Davazoglou (Greece)
J.P. Dekker (The Netherlands)
A. Figueras (Spain)
H.E. Hintermann (Switzerland)
M.L. Hitchman (U.K)
B. Lux (Australia)
T.Mantyla (Finland)
R. Porat (Israel)
G. Wahl (Germany)



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